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A Selection of Our Clients
We have experience with a wide variety of clients including brands, filmmakers, game developers, app creators, independent artists and bands.
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What Do We Do?
We provide you with fresh, creative music solutions.

At Blue Mango your vision is the core that drives our entire creative process forward, guaranteeing you fresh unique music that brings your brand, film, or app to life.
Whether you're a band or an independent artist, we welcome you to our studio, and provide our guidance and expertise to help you bring out your best performance, recorded at industry-standard quality.
music production
We have dedicated our lives to making great music. At Blue Mango, we sculpt the sounds and tweak the tones, combining our musical knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver quality music.
mixing & mastering
The shell that holds the musical piece together. Our mixing engineers fine tune the different sounds to bring your musical vision to life, making sure your music sounds great on all playback devices.
Let's make some music.